1. Transfer to our bank account: This payment method involves transferring funds directly from the buyer’s bank account to the seller’s bank account. The seller typically provides their bank account details (such as account number and routing number) to the buyer, who then initiates the transfer using their bank’s online banking system or by visiting a bank branch.
  2. Online payment via our website and PayPal: With this method, customers can make payments directly through our website using online payment gateways, and one of the supported options is PayPal. PayPal is a popular online payment platform that allows users to securely send and receive payments using their credit/debit cards or linked bank accounts. Customers can either create a PayPal account or use the guest checkout option to complete the payment.
  3. Escrow payment via Escrow.com: Escrow.com is a trusted third-party service that facilitates secure transactions between buyers and sellers. In an escrow transaction, the buyer sends the payment to Escrow.com, who holds the funds until certain conditions are met, such as the buyer’s receipt and approval of the purchased goods or services. Once the conditions are met, Escrow.com releases the funds to the seller. This method provides added security for both parties, as the buyer can verify the product’s quality before releasing the payment, and the seller can ensure the availability of funds before shipping the product.


Payment Methods